Attention: The following is intended for caring and loving Parents ONLY!

Discover how to get your kids more active, in shape, And get them to love exercise in just 8 Short weeks!

A new 8 week Children's Exercise Program Will Show You How To Do All That, while teaching your Kids the best exercises, Most Effective Routines, in less than 15 minutes a day!

Dear parent!

Are you worried as well? Are you looking around you, and see that kids are getting fatter, less active and mobile, and not as happy as they're supposed to be?

Are you looking at your own child, that you love so much, and wish that there was a way to get him to exercise?

Hi, My name is Yossi Kalmanovich, and I'm an expert in kids exercise and fitness. What this basically means is that I can get kids stronger, leaner ,more agile and healthy.

All While keeping everything fun and enjoyable.

My special programs have helped hundreds of kids get in shape! Keep in mind, they weren't the athletic, active kids that get tons of activity and exercise. They were kids that didn’t care much for sports, and weren’t very active. If that sounds like your kid, then I will not only help him get more active, but I'll change the Way He looks at exercise completely!​

But before I'll reveal my new program, i want to ask something very important of you

Look, I know you're a loving devoted parent. And I know while reading this, your focus Turns right to your children and you already think how you can help them. And that's the way it should be.


I want you to focus on yourself for just a second:

  • How hard it is for you to stay in shape?
  • How hard it is for you to lose weight?
  • How many times have you started a new exercise program only to quit shortly after?
  • How many diets have you tried without success?

Now, Go Back And Focus On Your Kids:

  • What if there was something you can do right now that will set them on the right path?
  • What if they never have to face these problems?
  • What if you could instill that love for fitness and healthy leaving in them today So that you'll eliminate the Chance of them ever needing to Struggle?

That's What The Special Program I'm About To Show You Does!

You see, my exercise program has already helped hundreds of kids.

It helped them get stronger, lose some weight, get more agile and even built their Confidence

And it's all because of a very special combination within the program!

I'm going to tell you the one special thing you need to remember when it comes To kids exercise and fitness.

It is the reason why no gym class, an afternoon hours exercise class, or even a Personal Trainer can really get them in shape for good!

This is what you need to understand:

Kids are different! They're not like us, and in order to really get to them, we can't just Give them a routine to follow…

Let's face it, it's hard for most adults to follow that, so how can we expect a child to do it?

You see, I built my name in fitness by helping athletes win titles.

I even helped tons of men and women lose weight and change their lives.


Being a father of 3 kids myself, has completely opened my eyes!

I realized, while looking around me at schools, and at playgrounds, and even while looking at my boy and 2 girls, that If I truly want to make an impact on people lives, I must start way sooner!

So, I devoted the last few years to building a special fitness program for kids.

And it exploded!

Kids from the ages of 4 to 10 years old are discovering how great it is to just train!

They are getting stronger, more flexible and a lot leaner!

Some kids with various attention disorders are even showing improved concentration!

That's what exercise can do!

My program is even featured now in various schools and is helping more kids than ever adopt the passion for fitness, that will make their life much much easier.

See what a special education school principal has to say about my program:

Ariela GolaniSchool Principal

After reading the book, I knew straight away that it's the perfect solution for kids to get In shape! As a school principle for children with special needs i found the program to Be the right combination of professional training advice, and understanding the soul and Mind of a child.

The book sends the kids to a very good place of believing in themselves, and taking action! It encourages the child to slowly and gradually build both his physical and mental powers, and also teaches him that they are related.

It is written in a very clear, simple and respectful way, with images and accurate pictures And guidelines for all exercises. I already applied the program with All my students, and would highly and warmly recommend all parents and teachers ,looking to strengthen and build kids, both mentally and physically to get the book!

Do you know those people that have no problem keeping a diet?

They never miss a workout, And even after long vacations, they go right back to their routine, and have no problem Maintaining a healthy bodyweight?

That's what happens when someone has adopted the love and appreciation for exercise And that is exactly what my program does!

And at the perfect age for it to really catch on! this is the perfect age to start, and starting now will give your kid an awesome advantage! Don’t miss this opportunity!

This is what parents just like you are saying about the program:

We started reading one chapter every night and doing the exercise right after. From the beginning the kids liked the plot (especially the soccer team part) and Joseph, the main character.

The book shows the fitness is easy to start, easy to follow, without any fancy gadgets required.

The author, is an experienced fitness professional with a lot of knowledge. He changed the way I eat, the way I train and the way I set my fitness goals effectively.

My son (10 years old now) participated in his training classes for kids, and got much stronger, while enjoying all the way.Thanks to the program, physical exercise is becoming a major part of our way of life.

Igor lyaks 
Father of two

The program is very simple to understand. not only that, it actually get the kids to want to train!

My girl couldn’t wait to start exercising! And when it was time to train, the smile didn’t go away!

It's so great that there's a program like this, that gets kids excited about health and fitness. And putting it in such an interesting book and story was a good idea.

Ksenia sider 
Mother of two

You See, I put all these methods, and my special program, in a fun, simple superhero ebook, that is guaranteed to get Your kids in shape, while having a huge smile on their faces, in just 8 weeks!

Introducing: FITMAN-THE EBOOK!

The superhero that will get your kids to loooove exercise!

This what we always need to remember about kids:

  • They operate by emotion!
  • They need someone to look up to.
  • They need someone to identify with.
  • They need to feel the result of training and exercising, and not just being told that.
  • They need to see a direct connection between exercise and the benefiets.

And that's what FITMAN: THE EBOOK does!

With this new and fun book you will:


Have a great time as a family!

The lovable superhero character will show your kids that exercise can be fun, so that They'll actually ask you to train with a huge smile on their face! (it's ok to imagine that smile right now, that's what I'm doing…)


Learn the right way to exercise!

With pictures of every exercise from various angles, and the short and precise exercise instructions, you'll be able to make sure that you're kid is training correctly, so that he can progress in a safe and healthy way!


Build discipline and patience!

While working they're way up the different stories and exercises in the book, your kids Will learn the values of gradual progress and patience, so that they'll develop that Love for hard work and effort in order to achieve what they want.


Build confidence!

Learn to stand up for themselves in school and with other kids!


Save a lot of time!

The stories and routines are short and fun, so you wont have to spend much time Driving your kids to a fitness class, sit there for an hour, and then drive them back. Your kids will be able to train at home!